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Many independent artists and labels notice that streaming services are actually not going to help make money from selling recorded music. It is a great way to get discovered for an artist, but a label cannot survive.

While there are a number of other services through which you can distribute, a big margin is lost for no reason. offers a system to easily sell the music you produce, on your own website.

"We found that labels and artists are eager to sell their own files, as long as there is a solid tool."

Jonas Sacks, co-founder of

Main Features


  • Webstore for physical and digital downloadable products
  • Track file tagging for optimum display in music player apps, easily adjustable even after release
  • Easy order and shipping management
  • Custom reporting and invoicing
  • Artist royalty management

Candida Thompson by Marco Borgreve

Intuitive dashboard to manage your audio products and points-of-sale.


  • Input album details in the app
  • Upload your DSD or PCM Album edit-master tracks to your FTP server
  • In the dashboard select the desired qualities for each specific album you want to create, and in which quality you want to offer it
  • will tag each track with the information submitted in the app so it will show up nicely in music players and streamers
  • Tagged tracks will compile in a .zip file that can be sold in your own shop, or aggregate to other stores linked to

Holland Baroque & Eric Vloeimans by Wouter Janssen

We’d love to get to know your music, and investigate if is for you.

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